The Guild @980

Affordable Space for Creative People

We welcome artisans, artists and other creative folks who need an affordable work space or office.

The main benefit of a community work space is the opportunity to share ideas, experience, and resources while building and expanding your business.

The Guild @980 is a project of and also the primary location for ReUse Action.

We now have 50 residents, and room for more!

We welcome all kinds of business ideas:

  • Art & Design: Painting, Photography, Visual & Multimedia Art & Graphic Design
  • Craft: Wood, Metal, Fiber, Ceramics, Glass, Imprinting, Rug Weaving, Hobbies
  • Trades: Computer Repair, Electronics, Graphic Design
  • Office & Professional
  • Restoration Arts: Lighting, Stained Glass Repair, Leaded Glass, Upcycling, Door & Window Repair, Material Conservation

Amenities & Features

  • 24 hour access.
  • Plentiful heat and electricity.
  • Fast Wifi from Rooftop Data, a local supplier.
  • Shared kitchen/utility space.
  • Natural gas, 220 volt electric, water, compressed air and extra electric and lighting is available in most spaces.
  • Natural light in many spaces.
  • Ability to expand your space as your business grows.
  • Flexible, month-to-month leasing.
  • The opportunity to sell and connect directly with the community, through an established retail location.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with and grow your business with other creative individuals.


  • Rent starts at $11/sf/year. Some spaces cost $13/sf/year
  • A popular size is 200 square feet, starting at $185/month.
  • Minimum rent is $110/month.

Possibilities . . .

  • If you build artistic creations and you want a creative work space,
  • If you have an idea for a small business that requires a workshop,
  • If you want to explore and develop a new service or product,
  • If you run a part-time business and need a site for conducting business,
  • If you need an inexpensive office space

. . . The Guild @980 may be a good fit for you, your ideas, and your skills. If you think so or want to learn more, please get in touch with us.

Please Note

  • These are work spaces, not live/work spaces.
  • We’re looking for small creative businesses. We’re not currently renting to any business that has more than one or two visitors/customers coming to the building each day.
  • We don’t provide space for food production, hairdressing, tattooing, barbering, nails, makeup, music rehearsal, events, storage or for retail sales.

The Guild @980

980 Northampton Street
Buffalo NY 14211 (map)

Phone: 716-894-3366

Email: info{@}guild980(dot)org

Stop by and see us during
ReUse Action store hours
Tuesday, Friday & Saturday
9am to 4pm
or by appointment