Affordable Space for Creative People

A Center for Green Jobs, Green Materials and Support for the Restoration Arts

We welcome artisans, artists and other creative folks who need an affordable work space or office.

The main benefit of a community work space is the opportunity to share ideas, experience, and resources while building and expanding your business.

The Guild is also the primary location for ReUse Action.

We now have 54 residents, and room for more!

We welcome all kinds of business ideas:

  • Art & Design: Photographers, Painters, Sculptors, Visual & Multimedia Artists & Graphic Designers
  • Craft: Wood, Metal, Fiber, Ceramics, Glass
  • Trades: Computer Repair, Electronics, Graphic Design
  • Office & Professional
  • Restoration Arts: Lighting, Stained Glass Repair, Glass Blowers, Door & Window Repair, Material Conservation

Here are amenities The Guild @980 provides:

  • 24 hour access.
  • Plentiful heat and electricity.
  • Fast Wifi from Rooftop Data, a local supplier.
  • Shared kitchen/utility space.
  • Natural gas, 220 volt electric, water, compressed air and extra lighting is available in most spaces.
  • Flexibility to expand your space as your business grows.
  • Rent starts at $9/sf/year. Some spaces cost $12/sf/year
  • 400 square feet starts at $300/month, $9/sf/year.
  • A popular size is 200 square feet, starting at $150/month.
  • Minimum rent is $100/month.
  • Loading dock service.
  • Lots of natural light!
  • The opportunity to sell and connect directly with the community, through an established retail location.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with and grow your business with other creative individuals.
  • Please note: These are work spaces, not live/work spaces.
  • We don’t provide space for food production, music rehearsal, events, storage or for retail sales.
  • We’re looking for small creative businesses. We’re not currently renting to any business that has more than one or two visitors/customers coming to the building each day.

Possibilities . . .

  • If you have an idea for a small business that requires a workshop space,
  • If you run a part-time business and need a site for conducting business,
  • If you want to explore and develop a new service or product,
  • If you build artistic creations and you want a creative work space,
  • If you need an inexpensive office space

. . . The Guild @980 may be a good fit for you, your ideas, and your skills. If you think so or want to learn more, please get in touch with us.