DIY BFLO is committed to reuse and recycling and strives to promote “eco-conscious making” by offering quality secondhand supplies and vintage finds suitable for fine art, traditional craft, hobby and DIY projects.

Through our collaborative efforts and now, a shared address, DIY BFLO and Reuse Action provide a convenient and reliable source for eco-conscious supplies for all building, restoration and creative needs.

We invite the public to explore the newly reorganized DIY BFLO and Artists’ Gallery.

By working together, we hope to bring our common message of reuse and environmental consciousness to a wider audience while catering to a more diverse range of customer needs.

DIY BFLO is open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, 9am to 4pm and Thursday 9am to 6pm.

Check out DIY BFLO’s website here.

Contact DIY BFLO: (716) 249-2488
or email at diybflo {at} gmail(.)com